"Be in peace and know that I watch over you and that My love is with you. "

Many people are taught that the only way they can approach God is through some very formal ritual and only in specific buildings or belonging to certain religious groups. Not true. God makes it known in His Word that He is able to hear you from any place and at any time. Go to God as you are. Talk to Him as you would talk to your best friend. As Yeshua (Christ) said, the Father already knows what your needs are before you even ask Him. What He is waiting for is for you to come to Him privately and to talk to Him about your concerns. You should hold firmly to the fact that God is listening to every word you are saying!

Since God is there for us, why is it so hard for most of us to reach out to Him? Why is it so hard for many to believe that God even cares about what they are going through?

My goal for this website is to try to help those who are lonely, or depressed, or facing death due to illness, or who has lost someone special in their life to know, without a doubt, that God is there for them.

Let me ask you something - do you know what is going to happen to you or your spouse or child five minutes from now. Do you really know? I am sure your answer is no. But there is someone who does - God.

God is reaching out to you with His loving arms desiring to embrace and comfort you. God loves you more than you can even begin to imagine. Reach out to Him no matter what you have done in the past or whatever life you are living today - He is there for you just as you are.

Time is so short, please do not wait any longer if you care at all about what will happen to you after you leave this earth. You don't believe there is life after death? God help you because you are so very wrong and it is my prayer you realize that before it is too late.

God is never too busy for you, so don't you be too busy for Him.

"Keep talking to Us, We hear you always. We love you greatly. Keep drawing near to Me, and stay your heart upon Me."